Ready-Mix and Aggregates Fleet Management

Geotrax™ is a flexible Android-Based Fleet Management system designed for construction materials.

It is a tool meant to complement existing operations while improving delivery and billing processes.

All fleets are not the same. GeoTrax offers a number of solutions ranging from basic tracking to onboard sensors and electronic ticketing, so pick what works for you.

Patents Pending. United States Patent No. 7,246,009 B2 and Canadian Patent No. 2,495,695

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Real-Time Truck Tracking

View your fleet with ease. GeoTrax’s interactive map provides a clean snapshot of your fleet. Immediately know the location and delivery status of trucks. Use a secure login to monitor your fleet from any online device.

Filter the tracking map to quickly locate and monitor individual or groups of trucks. Display selected trucks by specific plant(s), order, status, or driver(s).

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Location
Pre-Trip Safety Checklist

Figure 1: Example of pre-trip checklist

Fully Automated Statusing

GeoTrax offers fully automated statusing. A combination of location and sensor inputs determines each delivery status event time. Know when, where, and the duration of each truck status.

Electronic Ticketing

GeoTrax is the only application that has been providing electronic ticketing in the field for years. Some benefits include:

  • Access and control tickets throughout the entire delivery process
  • Use electronic copies to prevent lost or damaged tickets
  • Email electronic receipts with ease as tickets are organized and available for quick access

Bring speed and accuracy to the billing process. All desired products, billing times, and surcharges are automatically calculated in real-time and displayed on receipts.

Display the completed ticket receipt including delivery times to the customer prior to signature. Capture a signature with the swipe of a figure and immediately send tickets to invoicing, eliminating the need for Bill Prep. Electronic ticketing reduces time, overhead, and infrastructure associated with collecting and storing paper tickets.

Electronic Ticket and Signature Capture

Figure 2: Collect proof of delivery right on the mobile device.

Messaging without a texting plan

Figure 3: Example of how messages are sent to
drivers from a message log on the website.


The GeoTrax® application has its own messaging system capable of providing text and picture messaging. Easily send messages to selected trucks directly from the tracking screen. Provide your fleet with constant contact between dispatch and drivers.

Job Mapping & Turn-by-turn Navigation

GeoTrax® interfaces with Google’s® Maps providing access to some of the most up-to-date maps available. Use this interface to map the location of each job.

From there, drivers can launch Google® turn-by-turn navigation right from the GeoTrax app, to display the quickest route to the jobsite.

The Sales Pipeline feature

Figure 4: Google turn-by-turn directions,
on an Android device.

Automated statusing

Sensor and ECM Integration

Fully automate the delivery statuses and collect critical truck information by incorporating additional sensors and meters to trucks.

  • Automated Pouring and End Pour Statusing
  • Communication with a trucks ECM, providing harsh braking events, mileage by state, engine idle hours and much more
  • Automatic capture of jobsite added water and admixtures


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